Our Mission

Our Goal
The Israeli Chamber in Cambodia has as a primary goal to be an active player in supporting the extraordinary development of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We firmly believe in our capacity to be of help bringing know how and expertise from one of the world's leaders in the Field: The state of Israel.
Knowhow and reinforced capacity
Bringing knowhow and expertise will have as direct consequences the creation of a new layer in the economy, a layer of creation and innovation. This will indirectly lead to a reinforcement of the local labor pool capacity, which will, in turn, attract high-end international players, constantly looking for the next upcoming market in order to strengthen their position in their respective sectors.
Our Team
Our Team is composed both from Israeli experts and local opinion leaders working together in order to reach a common goal and make the development transition in the kingdom as smooth as possible. We strongly believe in a fruitful collaboration between Israel and Cambodia and are dedicated to its success.


It is not a coincidence The Kingdom of Cambodia is globally called the Kingdom of wonders, as it is brimming with raw natural resources and undeveloped talent. The geographic location of Cambodia is also, without a doubt, an important element for its growth, selected to become a central hub for the Chinese Belt and Road Program, Cambodia is a door to a dynamic and fast growing market of over 650 million people (ASEAN). With an average growth of 7.7% in the last decate, Cambodia is definitely a development fairy tale story in the making.


Globally renowned as the “Start-up nation”, the State of Israel is a modern and vibrant country with a strong and dynamic business community, becoming over the years one of the world’s most important business and development centers, involved in practically every major cutting edge technology research and development efforts worldwide. Today, enriched by years of hard work, constant R&D, and a front row seat in the world’s tech industry, the state of Israel is ready to export its experience and support the will for development in emerging markets.