The State of Israel

Globally renowned as the "Start-up Nation", the State of Israel is a rather small and young state that knew an extraordinary growth and became one of the world's most important business and development centers. Israeli firms are involved in practically every major cutting edge technology research and development efforts worldwide, whether directly as instigators or indirectly working on behalf of the world's largest companies.

Israel is a modern and vibrant country with a strong and dynamic business community, it is host to countless exhibitions and business trips, and is well equipped to provide the business travelers with an experience they are not ready to forget.

Over the past decades, Israel evolved from being a booming technology industry to become a starting point for business of all kind around the world. The country has earned its reputation excelling in many varieties of business and industries, and more particularly in exporting innovation throughout the world.

Today, enriched by years of hard work, constant research and development, and being on the front hand of the frantic technological race the world has experienced in the past decades, the state of Israel is ready to export its experience and support the will for development in emerging markets. This new role for the young state of Israel is both essential for its own further growth as it is for the growth and technological development of its counterparts.